Why Line dancing is so good for you


1. It’s fantastic exercise

Because dancing is a cardio vascular exercise it is great for the heart and to get your blood pumping. This should help with blood pressure problems. It should also hopefully help you burn some fat. It also helps diseases such as diabetes.
It also helps your muscles and bones by giving them a good workout but without overstretching them or putting too much pressure on them.
All that moving about is great for agility and balance
If you are not in good shape physically it would be best to talk to your doctor first before starting dancing.

2. It’s great for you mentally and for keeping the brain sharp

Because you’re learning new steps it gives you plenty to think about and really keeps the brain ticking over. It’s also great mentally because it really helps people feel happier and can ease depression. The reason for this is that exercise releases feel-good endorphins.

3. It helps to keep people feeling young

Dance is brilliant for helping people feel young, it’s such a joyous thing. It’s a mix of the movement and the music.

If you are not in the best shape physically, it would be a good idea however to see your doctor before you start dancing

4. It’s very sociable

Dancing can be great for your social life because it gives the opportunity to meet lots of people and make new friends. You don’t need a partner to come along with you.

5. It’s nice and cheap

Dancing is a very cheap activity compared with most other activities, sometimes it can be free. There’s no need for any special equipment, although a pair of decent dancing shoes or sports shoes can be handy. Or if you really want to show off you might get some cowboy boots!

6. There’s lots of opportunities to dance

There’s loads of dance classes around so it’s pretty easy to find something near you. Find a list of classes here.


Tips for starting line dancing


What to wear for line dancing

You should be happy with what you are wearing. If you want to go for an ultra comfortable outfit, sneakers and jogging pants are the best option.

If you’d rather look a bit more cowboy then jeans are also pretty comfortable. If you want to really get into the feel of things then wear a pair of cowboy boots.
Unlike other forms of dancing, there’s not really any special requirements of what you should wear for line dancing.

Some people like to wear a cowboy outfit, such as (of course) cowboy hats, bring ties, jeans and cowboy boots. But there is no necessity to do this.
If it’s hot weather some people just turn up in short and t-shirts.

It’s generally best to wear something comfortable and loose, jogging pants might be best, so you can move around easily, although if you’re more concerned about how you look, then this won’t be the best option and you should go for a full cowboy look. A lot of people wear jeans, because they are generally quite comfortable and because they were what a lot of cowboys wore.

Some people also like to wear specialist dance shoes, you can find out more information on this website. If you get special dance shoes they will protect your feet better, and because they have a pivot point they will allow you to move from side to side more easily.

If you’re more concerned about looks than comfort then you might want to go for a pair of cowboy boots, they look fantastic.

Stand in the middle

The safest places in line dancing is right in the middle of the pack. If you stand at the front you will be exposed and being watched by everyone and if you stand at the back the same thing could happen because line dancing involves a lot of turning and when everyone turns you could find yourself right at the front!


Keep you feet together to begin with facing the same way as everyone else. Then follow what the instructor is doing. It might be a good idea to learn a few moves at home before you do your first class. You can get DVDs that will teach you how to do moves. A few basic moves are step-tap, the stomp and grapevine


You should tuck your thumbs into the top of your belt or waist band because otherwise they will get in the way. Don’t put them on your hips or behind your back.

Just enjoy it

Line dancing has great benefits both physically and mentally. Moving your body to music helps keep you body and mind in shape. It’s also especially popular with older people because it’s easy to do and doesn’t place a lot of stress on the body.

Ask questions

The instructor is there to help you, so ask as many questions as you like, we’ve all got to learn. There will be new terminology to learn so either ask the instructor or try to learn a bit about the basics before you start.

Come to classes regularly

The more you do anything the better you get, so try to come to as many classes as you can. Twice a week would be best if you really want to get good at it. It might take a while but try and be patient. Some instructors will offer sheets you can practise with at home, this will help you progress faster.

It’s called line dancing for a reason

Try to dance in a line not all over the place. If you are asked to move to a certain place by the instructor try to do it. Sometimes you might be asked to move forward because people behind you are struggling for space. If it’s a popular dance try to take smaller steps, otherwise the dance floor will get too congested.
If it’s  a newer dance try to take smaller steps. And try not to kick too high or jump off the floor too high.
When the music is playing always walk around the side of the room to get to the other side of the room, if you walk across you may get knocked down by people who don’t see you.

Things not to do

Don’t join in an existing line that may be full just because your friends are in it

Don’t carry any drinks across the dance floor, if you spill any people could slip on the liquid. If you do spill drinks make sure you clean them up as quickly as you can

Don’t bend down on the dance floor to tie your shoelaces, you will become a hazard to the other dancers, who may fall over you.
Don’t join a dance that you don’t know, because you will become a hazard to everyone else and probably be forced to leave the dance floor before the dance ends, becoming even more of a hazard.